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DALISYS® Dispositivo di controllo

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 DALISYS® Dispositivo di controllo

An intelligent building is created with control devices from B.E.G.

In order for the DALISYS® to be able to control light optimally, it requires values and instructions. These are fed into the system via B.E.G. control devices. B.E.G. control devices are multimaster-capable and responsible for the application logic – according to the principle of distributed intelligence. Multisensors from B.E.G. are the first choice for recording the requirements for the premises. They detect movement and measure the brightness in the room. Therefore when someone is in the room, the light level is only raised as much as is necessary at the time. The large selection of multisensors are suitable for almost any requirements.
In order to allow the user to intervene in the system, B.E.G. offers push button modules, which can be used to override the automatic control.

For optimum lighting control according to requirements

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