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KNX occupancy detectors

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 KNX occupancy detectors

Eco-friendly technology also available with BUS systems

The B.E.G. range includes presence detectors for every BUS application: DALI, DSI, KNX/EIB, LON and special solutions for 24V. The new digital detectors (PD2, PD4 and PD9), the successors to the analogue presence detectors with dimming function, enable the user to control both DSI and DALI EBs. The operating mode is selected using remote control. The KNX/EIB versions offer four different operating modes: normal mode (switching), semi or fully automatic mode with constant light control (dimming), slave mode and alarm function. LON versions have seven device functions. As well as the sensor part, KNX/EIB and LON presence detectors also include the corresponding BUS coupler. The corresponding software is included in the delivery and can be easily downloaded from the homepage,

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